Oroflex Premium

Oroflex Premium
Product Details

NBR frac water hose 


Tube and  cover:  Nitrile /PVC Blend, ribbed cover for maximum abrasion resistance thick wall. 

Reinforcement: 100% virgin high tenacity polyester Jacket  

Color: Black, Red, Yellow, orange, Blue   

Package: Rolled,  packed in carton or loaded in pallet  

Application: Water discharge, Transfers, Drainage, Irrigation installations, Pumping  of sludge and liquid fertilizers, Irrigation, Chemical industry, Refineries, Air-pressure  Premium  Solution  

Standard length: 15m (50ft),  20m (66ft),  30m (100ft),  60m(200ft),  90m (300ft), 200m(660ft), 300m(990ft),  also  can  be  customized  according  to  requirements 

Manufacturing Technology:  through-the-weave technology without delamination issues 


Hose shall be made from 100% high tenacity synthetic yarn circular woven and completely, protected and locked-in by tough highly resistant synthetic nitrile rubber, forming a single homogenous construction without the use of glues or adhesives of any type. 


Lining Properties:

a. Ultimate Tensile Strength: 

Tensile strength of the lining and cover shall not be less than 1500 psi (10,500 kpa ). 

b. Ultimate Elongation: 400% minimum. 

c. Accelerated Aging Test 


The tensile strength and ultimate elongation of the vulcanized rubber compound which has been subjected to the action of oxygen at a pressure of 300 psi +/- 10 psi , (2100kpa +/- 70kpa) and temperature of 70degrees centigrade +/-1 degree centigrade (158 F +/- 18 F ) for a period of 96hours shall be , greater than 60% of the original properties stated. 

Temperature range: From -30 C deg to 80 C deg (-22 F deg to 176 F deg) 

Abrasion: 6000 DIN cycles 

Standard Length: 660ft, 990ft

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