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A Comprehensive Overview Of The Fire Hydrant Valve

Oct 13, 2020

Fire valve is the industrial, construction pipeline control of an important annex, this note is more important than the practice of fire valve application, detailed principles and structure of the cross-sectional reference to the relevant information books, fire valve from the valve body, opening and closing agencies, valve cover three parts The Product Name: Fire Signal Butterfly Valve Product Overview: midline-type folder signal butterfly valve is the introduction of foreign advanced technology and the development of the domestic mid-range butterfly valve, it has a simple structure, reliable sealing, open light, long life, easy maintenance and so on The Fire Hydrant Valves It is widely used in water supply and drainage, building fire and other systems on a variety of pipelines, especially in the fire pipe. Product Name: Z41X fire for the bright pole of the flexible seat seal valve carbon steel fire valve Product Range: Nominal through: 50 ~ 400mm Product Overview: anti-special Ming rod flexible seat seal valve in addition to the advantages of flexible seat closure valve, and can More intuitive to show the degree of opening the valve in order to be able to determine the distance in the distance of the valve, take timely measures accordingly. Open and close quickly and reliably, often used in fire protection system. Product Name: ZSJZ series of water flow indicator. Fire Hydrant Valves Product range: DN80-DN200 Product Overview:, Product Overview: ZSJZ series of water flow indicator for wet automatic sprinkler system, the general installation of the system in the beginning of the fire main pipe; water flow signal can be converted to output electrical signals, Sent to the electronic control box or fire control center display nozzle water spray area, the implementation of monitoring and alarm system. Product Name: diaphragm rain alarm valve. Product range: DN80, DN100, DN150, DN200. Product Overview: The rain valve is a direct sealed diaphragm valve, diaphragm made of imported rubber material, with a reasonable structure, reliable performance, easy to use, easy maintenance and so on. Valve without shaft, no metal valve flap and other components, so there is no corrosion problem. Widely used in various types of open system (the system side of the pipeline for the open nozzle) such as rain system, water curtain system, water mist system. The valve according to GB5135.5-2003 standard manufacturing. Product Name: Wet alarm valve. Product range: DN100-DN200. Product Overview: This product introduces advanced technology in Germany, stable performance, sensitive and reliable features, etc. The external balance valve body adopts HT250 or QT cast iron, seat, valve, connecting rod and all control valve filter are used brass, stainless steel And other corrosion-resistant materials, long service life.Fire Hydrant Valves