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Analysis Of Manufacturers Fire Hose Between The Water And Had To Say The Secret

Oct 23, 2020

Agricultural water as one of the indispensable to agricultural development, water strap make a huge contribution to our agricultural production, but some common problems in the use of water for agriculture will meet

But those frequently asked questions what is? We look at a fire hose and water what is the difference?

Fire hose and water are the two materials, fire hose under pressure is much larger than water strap, instructions for use are different according to the different materials.

Fire hose: fire hose was used to transport high-pressure water or foam fire retardant liquid hose. Traditional fire hose rubber lined, wrapped in linen fabric on the outer surface. Advanced

Fire hose is made from polymers such as polyurethane. Fire hose at both ends of the metal connector, you can connect another hose to extend from or connected to the nozzles to increase the liquid injection pressure.

Water for agriculture: agricultural water is used in all high-strength polyester and high quality PVC synthetic materials as raw material; light weight, good flexibility, bright, smooth coating; half the volume collected

Easy to move unrestricted in length; can keep a tube in cold water to take a soft, resilient; resistance to high pressure, corrosion-resistant, UV-resistant, wear-resistant, anti-aging, is currently the best water-saving irrigation

Irrigation tools, saving, energy saving and productivity, cost savings, ease of use, prevent soil erosion characteristics and soil alkalization and many other functions.