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Application Trend Of Fire Fighting Equipment

Oct 14, 2020

Whether it is home or units, construction sites, with fire, electricity, oil increased, but also increased the fire hazard, coupled with dry days dry, resulting in fire accidents have occurred. What are the hazards of fire in daily life and work? How to prevent, troubleshoot and eliminate these fires? The following summarizes the knowledge of fire prevention:

Do the primary fire prevention, fire can be reduced by 60%.Fire Equipment

(A) to the whole society to improve fire safety awareness, maintenance of fire safety, to prevent the occurrence of fire, not just a unit of things, not just the fire department and responsibility, but the whole society's shared responsibility.

(B) the production and operation units and fire liability units to tighten the fire safety of this string, from the system, staffing, equipment configuration, management should attach great importance to fire safety.

(C) to strengthen the fire emergency plan exercise, usually one year to organize one or two fire safety learning.

(D) to strengthen the fire safety inspection, inspection, rectification and other work, so that time to grasp, day arrest, responsibility to the post, the responsibility to the people.Fire Equipment

1. The level of domestic fire equipment R & D transformation need to continue to strengthen. According to the relevant information, in recent years, due to the investment in fire research funding, China's fire research results are rich, but the conversion rate is very low, scientific research and practical use of phase out, to some extent, this is a waste of resources, which But also to make our fire equipment in the international backward position is the root cause. Scientific research results are not well used, greatly affected the domestic fire equipment with the formation of China's fire technology and equipment production, "less business, poor quality," the strange phenomenon, completely with a large image of the fire does not match.Fire Equipment

2. The introduction of new fire technology has been a detailed study for a breakthrough. At present, China's fire technology is in the "introduction of technology and equipment" and "technology digestion and absorption" stage, a large number of imported advanced equipment to the grass-roots level, in the face of all foreign language version of the instructions, on the one hand officers and men should pay close attention to learning, On the other hand, scientific research personnel must be foreign advanced technology research and analysis, so that truly "for my use", and even to create a more advanced and more stable fire technology and equipment products, and strive to a breakthrough.Fire Equipment

3. Look at the international, combined with the status quo and development. China's fire equipment construction should be far-sighted, the establishment of "high starting point, fast adaptation, seeking more than" model, pay close attention to the international fire equipment, advanced technology developments, so that China's fire equipment research and the world phase, keep up with the pulse of the times and And strive to enhance China's fire research and development and transformation of the innovative ability, in the development of fire equipment and technology continue to put forward the status quo for China's new theory of fire, new technology, new equipment and new thinking. As soon as possible to shorten the gap, make up for deficiencies, enhance the overall level of fire equipment technology and capacity.