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Classification And Maintenance Of Fire Hose

Oct 13, 2020

Fire water is divided into a lining of fire hose and leakage of fire hose two categories. There are lining fire hose, including rubber fire hose, TPU fire hose, polyester irrigation hose, linen coated water. According to bear the working pressure is divided into 0.8MPa, 1.0MPa, 1.3MPa, 1.6MPa four categories. According to diameter is divided into 50,65,80 or 75,90 mm four categories. According to the weaving method is divided into plain water and twill strip with two types. The length of each water-saving belt is generally specified as 20 meters. The Water belt maintenance Fire Hose① management aspects. To implement the management of hand, according to the quality of classification, numbering, timely grasp the quality and use of water. Establish a sound water belt maintenance system, regular education full consciously abide by.② storage aspects. Should be specifically set to store the location or storage room, long-term storage of spare water to choose the appropriate temperature, ventilation place to store, water should be rolled up a single layer of water stand, twice a year or exchange fold once. Traveling water to avoid friction with each other, if necessary, to exchange the fold.③ use aspects. When laying should avoid a sudden twists and turns, to reverse, after the water to avoid forced to drag on the ground, to avoid contact with oil, acid, alkali and other corrosive chemicals; may have a flame or strong radiant heat areas, cotton or linen water When passing through the railway, through the road, should be pad on the water belt bridge; to prevent the water and the angular contact with the hard objects, broken buildings, do not To the water on the throwing board, steel and other items; water should be cleaned after use; cold areas in the building outside the laying of water should be used lining water.Fire Hose④ repair aspects. When used to find loopholes, should be wrapped in a timely manner with cloth, so as not to expand the hole, and make a mark, after the timely repair. Usually should always check, found damaged, timely repair.use(2) What are the use of fire hose accessories?Fire Hose

Fire hose accessories with water covered cloth, water hook, water belt bridge, interface, water separator and so on.① water with cloth wrapped for fire hose leaks, fire truck is one of the necessary accessories. By the canvas and metal clamp and other components.② water hook is a tool to hang the fire hose, in the fire fighting, to the vertical laying of water, the water with a hook hanging on the ladder or other objects, both to reduce the falling force of the water, but also To facilitate water gunmen to manipulate water pistols to fire. Water hooks are made of canvas, metal hooks, half rings.③ water belt bridge for the protection of water crossbar traffic on the main road, does not affect the normal vehicle driving equipment, with strong, compressive and durable, easy to clean and so on.④ more types of interfaces, with water interface, tube interface, reducer interface, shaped interface, threaded interface. For water and water, fire hydrants, fire pumps, water guns and other jet devices connected. According to the structure can be divided into internal button, plug-in and screw-type and so on.⑤ the use of water separator, one is to share a two or more shares of water flow; the second is used as a switch, with the aid of water diversion from the water line to open or close the water, do not need to pump To switch, so as to shorten the time required to open and close the water, in time to ensure the fire water supply. There are two sub-water separator, three water separator and four water separator three.Fire Hose