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Common Sense Of Winter Maintenance Of Fire Hydrant Valves

Oct 08, 2020

Fire valve is an important accessory of industrial and construction control, this handout is heavier than fire-fighting valve practice application, detailed principle and structure cross-sectional view refer to relevant information books, fire valve consists of valve body, headstock mechanism, valve cover three parts. Fire Hydrant Valves
Medium-line clamp signal butterfly valve is the introduction of foreign advanced technology and self-developed the center-line butterfly valve, it has a simple structure, reliable sealing, open light, long life, easy maintenance and so on. Therefore, it is widely used in water supply and drainage, building fire control systems, especially in the fire pipeline.Fire Hydrant Valves
Rain and snow day. As far as possible not to park the fire truck outside, and the garage should be set up good antifreeze insulation facilities, and maintain 5~c above the temperature, equipped with a good engine attached insulation device. The engine cooling tank and water tank should take antifreeze measures to add antifreeze. If the conditions are limited and the insulation facilities cannot be set up, other remedial measures shall be taken. such as to the tank and water tanks add antifreeze, or the tanks, tanks, after the drainage, parking garage overnight, in time to fill the water in the daytime. Put on duty. can also use electric heater on the engine, or in the hood of the cold cover (set), vehicle backwater system or water pipe should also take cold measures to prevent freezing failure. In addition, the vehicle should be launched once a day, early and late to ensure that the vehicle starts at any time.Fire Hydrant Valves
In winter, fire-fighting vehicles should be closed and closed to prevent water flowing out of the water tank. So that the vehicle in the rescue on the way cold caused by the entrance and exit of the water mouth stuffy cover after freezing difficult to open. Every time out of the rescue, we should seize the day-to-day maintenance. To keep the vehicle in a good state of readiness. Routine maintenance In addition to the vehicle supplemental fuel cleaning surface outside. To eliminate the problems in the rescue process, add lubricating oil to the fire pump. Drain the pump body as well as the remaining water in the water pipe to prevent freezing, freezing or breaking the pump leaves. If the valve between the water tank and pump is not tightly closed, you should also hurry to replace the seal ring or ball valve. In the snow, the tires should be fitted with a skid-proof chain in advance.Fire Hydrant Valves
Fire-fighting motor pump When the temperature drops below zero, it should be moved to a warm room. In peacetime, the motor pump should be placed in a clean, dry place. and take insulation measures, lest the electrical components damp and parts rust. After use, remove the fouling and silt from the external and cylinder fins to check if the 0 mails are intact. Whether the successive parts of frugality are tight. Find fault in time to repair, usually to stipulate a certain period of time without load narrow machine operation, it is best to regularly conduct exercises to ensure that the motor pump is often in a good state of readiness.Fire Hydrant Valves