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Detailed Description Of Fracturing Hose

Oct 05, 2020

Using the electrostatic spraying of the coil spring for the body of the skeleton to multi-layer polypropylene high-strength spunbond non-woven fabric for the wall to high-strength polypropylene filament coating, and with a special adhesive to the skeleton and the coating and coating Between the bonding into one. The product reached the leading domestic level.Fracturing Hose

Because of its unique design principles and composition of the excellent performance of materials, it row, strong water seepage effect, the use of "capillary" phenomenon and "siphon" principle, set the water, water, drainage for the gas, with engineering design requirements to meet the pressure capacity And water permeability and filter effect. Not due to geological and geographical changes in temperature and break, and can achieve the effect of clean water discharge, will not cause secondary pollution to the environment, are new environmentally friendly products. Because of its simple construction, no joints, geology, terrain no special requirements, any need to use dark drainage places can be used free of charge.Fracturing Hose

Metal hose is mainly refers to a spiral bellows; the other is a ring bellows. The spiral corrugated tube is a tubular shell with a corrugated helix and a helix angle between adjacent two corrugations. All corrugations can be connected by a helix. There are two kinds of plastic hoses, one is completely airtight, watertight, such as propellant for the launch vehicle, gas, water heater; the other is continuous with a continuous winding material, Protect the cables, such as magnetic card telephones, machine tools, while the lamp corrugated pipe is caught in the production process of wire.Fracturing Hose

PA nylon hose (PA), made of imported modified raw materials, is a high-tech products of corrugated pipe, high toughness, high impact resistance, good bending performance, high temperature, bright surface, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance Combustion, electrical insulation> 200MΩ, halogen-free environmental protection flame retardant, widely used in automotive wiring harness, electronics, mechanical wiring harness and other fields.Fracturing Hose