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Enterprises Private Waste Hose To Outline The Investigation

Oct 17, 2020

Cooking oil biodiesel, it is very environmental thing. But if the waste water in the production process of stealing row, not only environmental, but also illegal. Recently, the province of "water, blue sky" LongYan Inspectorate in conjunction with the local environmental protection Department, law enforcement officers, randomly on tie Shan Zhen dongbao industrial area, xinluo district, LongYan city in the "excellence in LongYan new energy" raids, hose identified the company private, the pungent smell of oil-containing wastewater discharged into water wells. At present, the Environmental Protection Department has been sealed up for its implementation, and will be filing a case be investigated and prosecuted.

Environmental protection law enforcement officers came to LongYan excellence new energy co., Ltd. Law enforcement personnel strategically split road, a short stay in Office all the way, the other went straight to the sewage treatment facilities to carry out spot checks. "Operation saw us asked where the sewage treatment station, looking flustered. "Provincial environmental monitoring Corps charging Audit Director Ye Liping, see each other suspicious, was organizing law enforcement officers for investigation, found the company of sludge thickening tank covered with cobwebs, sludge filter press cloth and yellow is not used for a long time.

When a law enforcement officer to three when the water collection tank, found the collection tank connection tube is allowed to set a black removable hose hose are without any treatment of wastewater, stole into a nearby water wells. "The water was Brown, contains fat, taste very pungent. "Residents are close to tell law enforcement officials, recently heard from time to time to a nearby tributary into a pungent smell, probably due to this.