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Fire Equipment Installation And Use

Oct 15, 2020

Fire Equipment 14 Essentials for installation and use of fire equipment

1. Fire Equipment the system bus to set up the bus short-circuit isolator, a isolator with up to 32 points, and according to the fire partition settings. (In the system and the plane are different from the original design mode)

2. Fire Equipment more than 100m of buildings, in addition to the fire control indoor set of controllers, each control of fire detectors, hand and module should not cross the refuge layer.

3. Fire Equipment fire linkage function of the building should be set up fire control room.

4. Fire Equipment the fire control room should have the corresponding completion drawings, the various system control logic relation description, the use manual, the system operation procedure, the contingency plan, the duty system, the maintenance system and the cardboard record information. (The design description should be clear by the fire equipment Company and Fire protection construction units and the construction unit, the property jointly completed this)

5. Fire Equipment the fire control indoor strictly prohibited through the fire protection facilities unrelated electrical wiring and piping.

6. Fire Equipment fire control indoor equipment layout and room size: Single row layout minimum width of 5m, the minimum width of two-column layout 6m. (By device width 1000mm) The length of the room is determined according to the number of equipment, and when the equipment is arranged in excess of 4m, both ends of the channel should be greater than 1m.

7. Fire Equipment allow the fire control room with the weak system to share, but there should be obvious intervals. (emphasis in design notes)

8. Fire Equipment Fire pumps (spray, rain, water curtain, fire hydrant), smoke control and smoke exhaust fans, in addition to the use of linkage control, should also be set up in the Fire control Room Manual Direct controller. (Fire straight line)

9. Fire Equipment the fire alarm system should be set fire alarm and light siren, and should be confirmed after the fire start the building of all fire-light alarm.

10. Fire Equipment When the fire alarm is set with the voice prompting function, the voice synchronizer should be set simultaneously. (emphasis in design notes)

11. Fire Equipment The fire alarm system should be able to start and stop all fire alarms at the same time when multiple fire alarms are set up in the unified building. (emphasis in design notes)

12. Fire Equipment centralized alarm system and control center alarm system should be set up fire emergency broadcast. (In fact, there is the elimination of control room do)

13. Fire Equipment fire emergency broadcast and the common broadcast or background music broadcast, should have mandatory to cut into the fire emergency broadcast function. (emphasis in design notes)

14. Fire Equipment smoke detector selection Venue: garage. (Important change: GB50116-2013 before the garage is basically designed to feel a temperature detector)