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Fire Hose Classification

Oct 15, 2020

Fire Hose The Fire water belt is a hose used to carry fire-retardant liquids such as high-pressure water or foam. The traditional fire water belt is lined with rubber, and the outer surface is wrapped with linen woven fabrics. Advanced Fire Water Belt is made of polyurethane and other polymeric materials. Both ends of the fire water belt are metallic joints, which can be connected to another water belt to extend the distance or connect the nozzle to increase the pressure of the liquid jet.

Fire Hose Fire Water Belt Classification

Fire Hose The Fire water belt is divided into lined and lined two categories: lining fire hose including cotton, nylon lining glue belt, polyester glue belt, hemp coated water belt. Non-liner water with cotton water belt, flax water belt, ramie water belt.

Fire Hose According to the work under pressure is divided into 0.8MPa, 1.0MPa, 1.3MPa, 1.6MPa four categories. The diameter divides into 50, 65, 80 or 75, 90 mm four class. Woven into plain water and twill water belt two categories. The length of each water-saving belt is generally defined as 20 meters.

Fire Water Belt Specification model:

Fire Hose 8 Type 65 lining glue belt; 13 Type 65, 80 lining glue tape; 16 Type 65 Liner Glue tape

Service life of Fire water belt

Fire water belt use life, fire water belt can be used for how many years, according to the relevant provisions of the State fire water belt if used once must be replaced or to fire maintenance units to maintain, and one years at least test once, because the fire water belt in the use of the process needs to undergo a high pressure. If the time is too long will appear inside the wall adhesion and so on situation. The rubber and plastic water belt and the lining glue belt maintains the way is different.

Fire Hose The lining glue Fire Water belt belt selects the high strength polyester cotton material machine weaves into, withstand high pressure, the inner wall lining has the high quality rubber, the coating smooth resistance is small, the water belt is acid, alkali, the pressure.

Rubber Fire Hose: shelf life one years

PVC Fire HOSE: two years

Fire Hose Polyurethane fire HOSE: two years

Storage environment temperature small, 15 degrees Celsius best, non-corrosive substances, such as gas, storage longer.

Fire Hose Choose the fire water belt when pay attention to according to their own situation to select, so that the fire water can better use life growth.