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Fire Hose How To Use

Oct 16, 2020

Use of fire hose:

Fire hose is a fire hose for fire protection. According to the material can be divided into a lining fire hose and no lining fire hose. Which is not lining the fire hose with low pressure, resistance, easy to leak, and easy to mold rot, short life, suitable for building fire in the laying of the lining; with lining high pressure, wear resistance, mold resistance, Durable, and easy to leak, the resistance is small, but also any bending folding, free move, easy to use, suitable for external fire laying and fire engines.

Fire water use should be noted:

1. Fire Hose Laying should avoid a sudden twists and turns to prevent the ability to reduce the resistance to water pressure; should also avoid the reverse to prevent the water after the rotation of the water belt leaving the buckle off.

2. Fire Hose After filling the water should be forced to drag on the ground, you need to change the location to try to lift the movement to reduce the wear and tear on the ground.

3. Fire Hose Avoid contact with chemicals such as oils, acids, alkalis and other corrosive chemicals.

4. Fire Hose In areas where there may be flames or strong radiant heat, cotton or linen water should be used.

5. Fire Hose After the completion of the clean should be, without lining the water to hang the sun, dry after the preservation of dry and dry place.

6. Fire Hose The use of the process found in the broken holes, the application of water wrapped with cloth wrapped cloth, after the early weaving or sticky; when there is a clear damage, should immediately withdraw from combat readiness.

7. Fire Hose Vehicles need to be laid in the water, should be placed in advance through the site of the water belt bridge.

8. Fire Hose When laying through the railway, should pass through the rail below.

9. Fire Hose Cold areas outside the building should be used with a lining of water, so as not to freeze with water.

Use of fire hose

1. Open or crush the door and remove the fire hose

2. A hose is connected to the fire hydrant

3. The other end of the fire water gun

4. Turn on the water valve switch on the fire hydrant

5. Fire at the root of the fire source