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Fire Hose With The Daily Display

Oct 05, 2020

Because the fire hose in the use of the process need to withstand high water pressure. If the time is too long there will be wall adhesions and so on. Rubber and water hose and lined with water belt maintenance methods are different. According to the relevant provisions of the national fire hose if used once must be replaced or to fire maintenance units for maintenance, and at least once a year.Fire Hose

In fact, as long as the frequent replacement of the fold line position of the water, the service life will be greatly extended, the method is: the folding of the new suture water line straight, and then through the water, so that the water with a slight hardness, ; Each water-saving belt at the same time a roll of a roll, one hand from any end point to start folding suture, another person with the subsequent, according to the new fold line coil; water volume after sun drying, the new fold line that Can be fixed. According to this method, any type of water, can greatly extend the service life.Fire Hose

The traditional fire hose is rubber-lined, and advanced fire hose is made of polyurethane and other polymer materials, and the water with two ends have a metal connector, so that when you can use another Root water belt to extend the distance of the water can also be connected to the nozzle to increase the liquid jet pressure, so to correctly grasp the use of fire hose, the following on the use of fire hose and laying methods.Fire Hose

Water purge, water use, to clean, the transmission of foam water, must be carefully washed, protective layer. In order to remove the oil on the water, can be washed with warm water or soap, the frozen water, the first to use the melting, and then clean and dry, no dry water should not be wrapped. Fighting high-rise building fire to reduce the water pressure caused by friction, should be selected vertical laying water, according to the structural characteristics of each high-rise building, according to local conditions to choose the way to lay the water. There are three main ways to lay out the fire hose: lay along the vertical staircase shaft or patio; lay along the external walls (balcony, window); lay out along the external evacuation staircase.Fire Hose