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Fire Hydrant Pump For Fire Equipment

Oct 09, 2020

Fire regulator pump with the main pump, from the water tank to the system to maintain system pressure, called "often high-pressure" or "stable high pressure", "quasi-high-pressure" system, is not a high fire water tank system. "Stable high-pressure" fire water supply system of the regulator pump must be maintained at ordinary times, maintain pipe network pressure, in the event of fire, still should be able to run a period of time until the main fire fighting fire pump to start, shall be according to the main, the standby pump set the regulator pump. Due to the need for constant pressure pump to keep running state, wasting energy, and the steady-state pump for a long time in working condition, the service life has a high demand, so the project is not used in this way.Fire Equipment

Fire Control regulator pump signal acquisition and output: water tank liquid level in situ display, water tank high when the automatic shutdown of the water supply line solenoid valve, stop the water, water tank level low when the hydrant regulator pump will automatically stop IH, and timely replenishment of water tank. Fire Booster Regulator Pump operation, will pump operation, stop, so drop signal to the station control room.Fire Equipment

The air pressure control cabinet sends the signal of the station control room to be passive contact signal ($literal, 2A) the hydrant pump divides into the vertical single-stage, the vertical multi-level, then splits the vertical multi-level and the horizontal multi-level, the horizontal single stage and so on the structure form to satisfy the user different use need. XBD-ISG (ISW) Type fire pump is divided into single and single suction multi-stage two kinds, for conveying clear water with solid particles and physicochemical properties similar to water. Mainly used in the fire system pressurized water supply, can also be used in factories and mines for drainage. The flow range of conveying liquid is 5~80l/s, the pressure range is 0. $number. 25MPa, the matching power range is 1. 5~200KW, the caliber range is ф50~ф250mm.Fire Equipment