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Hose Testing Equipment Fault Analysis

Oct 21, 2020

Engineering hydraulic hoses are concrete transport trucks, rollers, excavators, loaders and other important parts of the hydraulic system of engineering machinery, frequently using seepage, crack, break, faults such as loose, but it is often not at fault but simply to replace the hose, will repeat the same failure shortly after use. Hydraulic hose loose or cracked, not only waste hydraulic oil, pollute the environment and affect efficiency and even accidents, endangering human security.

Outer adhesive layer failure

Hose looks cracked in cold environments, hoses cracked appearance will bend the hose. If the hose surface crack, watch the hose tube cracked, and decide whether or not to immediately replace the hose. Therefore, don't move the hose in a cold environment or overhaul of hydraulic system and, if necessary, should be carried out in the Interior. If you need long-term work in a cold environment, cold-resistant hoses should be replaced.