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Hydraulic Pressure Reason Of Fire Hydrant Valves

Oct 02, 2020

Hydrant system piping is full of pressurized water, such as the system has a trace of leakage, can rely on the regulator pump or regulator to maintain the system of water and pressure. When the fire, first open the hydrant box, according to the requirements of the interface, water belt, will be the water gun at the source of fire, open fire hydrant valve, squirt gun immediately there is spray, press the hydrant button, through the hydrant to start the pump to the pipeline water supply.Fire Hydrant Valves

Open fire hydrant valve no water reason: there may be leakage points in the pipeline, so that the pipeline without water, and pressure gauge damage, the regulator system does not work. Treatment: Check the leak point, pressure gauge, repair or install the regulator device, so that the pipeline has water. Press the manual button, can not activate the fire pump, the Reason: Manual button wiring loosening, the button itself damage, linkage control cabinets fault, fire pump start-up cabinet failure or wiring loosening, fire pump itself fault. Treatment: Check the equipment wiring, equipment itself devices, check the pump itself electrical, the mechanism part of the failure and to remove.Fire Hydrant Valves

The fire hydrant is damaged in a variety of, not lack of "arm" is less "leg", some of the fire hydrants located on the main streets are encirclements and buried by construction works, some fire hydrants are surrounded by vehicles, stalls and so on, can not connect, and some even interrupted the water supply, serious threat to the smooth implementation of the fire, in the event of a fire, These hydrants will not be able to play their due role.Fire Hydrant Valves

The Rotary fire hydrant is the horizontal 360&ordm of the anchor body which is connected with the inlet pipe; It has the characteristics of the relative rotation of the bolt body and the base, so it can be installed in the Ultra-thin box, making the box thinning possible. When the fire hydrant is not used, the plug body can be rotated to the wall parallel state, you can close the box door, in the use of the plug body outlet and the wall vertical, you can connect to the water belt, easy to operate.Fire Hydrant Valves