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Industrial Hose Pump

Oct 11, 2020

Electric hose pump is mainly used for conveying corrosive medium, long fiber medium, gas-liquid mixture medium, solid-liquid mixed medium, poisonous medium, radioactive medium and high viscosity medium. Easy to solve many industries in the production process of transport problems. For example, it can perform well in conveying cotton or rags, replacing the diaphragm pump with ceramic mud glaze and the continuous working life of concrete slurry.Industrial Hose

Working principle and characteristic: the pump rotor rotates in the pump chamber filled with lubricant, and the pump shell is tightly pressed with the medium in the hose (as shown). During the rotation process, the tube media is transported to the outlet, which makes the inlet vacuum and inhales the medium. The volume of the rotor is equal to half the volume of each transfer. During the rotation, the pump keeps the volume flow from the inlet to the exit. The pump allows two-way operation, two-way transmission. KP Hose pump No valve, no seal, no leakage; it can be dry, no shaft seal, bearing or rotor failure, by adjusting the speed of the pump can be achieved to change the flow of purpose. At the same time to maintain export pressure is basically unchanged. The smooth hose cavity enables the pump to suck the fluid containing impurities, all kinds of fiber objects and solid granular slurry, and will not produce any blockage and failure.Industrial Hose

KP Hose pump high efficiency, conveying slurry medium high concentration of up to 75%. than centrifugal pump energy saving more than 50%. KP Hose pump can be selected to install a variety of materials hose, hose material has NR, NBR, CSM and so on. Conveying the media only with the hose contact, according to the chemical properties of the medium selection of different materials of the hose, can reliably transport all kinds of corrosive chemical media. KP Hose pump Large suction process 9 meters, large discharge pressure of 1.3MPa, flow of 0.5-50 cubic meters/hour. KP Hose Pump has no shearing force, especially suitable for conveying the fluid which is sensitive to shearing stress.Industrial Hose