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Main Function Of Fire Hose

Oct 07, 2020

Fire hose is mainly used to transport high-pressure water or foam and other flame-retardant liquid hoses, attack the fire, the first probably immediately alarm, and then swiftly opened fire hydrant adjacent area, and then use the fire hydrant in the cast aluminum nozzle and manual alarm device arrived at the alarm and pneumatic fire hydrant pump intention. So, how to use fire water cannon with fire hose?Fire Hose
Use method of fire-fighting water gun: The fire hydrant door, remove the hose. Check the water strips and joints are not outstanding, if there is damage, stop the use. To the fire direction of the laying of water belt, attention to avoid twisting. Connecting the water with the fire hydrant, the connecting clasp is accurately punctured into the chute and tightened in a clockwise direction. After the end of the convergence, at least 2 operators hold the water gun, aiming at the source (prohibit the people, avoid high-pressure wounding), another operator slowly opened the fire hydrant valve to the maximum, to the root of the ignition fire to revive, until the fires completely extinguished.Fire Hose
Applicable to the contrast of the broad local. When the scale area within 20 meters and one's own presence, the fire hose reel in the fire hydrant can be pulled out of the fire hydrant, all the hose in the coil will be pulled out on the ground, counterclockwise direction to unscrew the hose on the water supply valve, left hand palm up to grasp the hose nozzle to the fire direction traction, reached the fire area after the valve switch, Water spray to the fire to revive, should pay attention to the size of the fire area is not a closed power supply of the wire exists, to avoid electric shocks endanger the safety of personnel.Fire Hose
Applicable to the contrast of the broad local. If the fire was beyond 20 meters in size and three himself was present, a fireman can be immediately removed by the fire hydrant in accordance with the standards of the fire water belt upright on the ground, left-handed to seize the water with the jaws of the joint, the right hand palm to catch the water with the outside joint, drag up the water belt sideways to the front of the fire to throw water belt, Throw the water with your hands back slightly, and the water belt will roll forward along the straight line.Fire Hose