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Maintenance And Storage Of Fire Hose

Oct 03, 2020

The quality of fire-fighting water belt has a direct impact on the effectiveness of fire fighting, and the maintenance must be strengthened during use. Fire hose is an important part of fire engine, playing a huge role in the fire fighting, further said that the quality of fire water belt directly determines the efficiency of the fire fighting, so in daily life, we must strengthen the fire hose maintenance and maintenance.Fire Hose

Management, fire hose should be responsible for management, to prevent damage, all water should be classified according to quality, numbered, in order to master the use of water belt. Storage, fire hose can not be placed outdoors for a long time, can not be placed near the heat source, to prevent aging, avoid corrosion and viscous material pollution, storage location, should be suitable for temperature and good ventilation, water should be a single layer of roll up, vertical on the water belt frame or reel on a number of times each year to flip and exchange fold several times, with the car water belt, You should avoid friction and exchange overlaps if necessary.Fire Hose

The maintenance and maintenance of fire hose is divided into two parts, first of all, in the use of the time, to pay attention to can not suddenly bend the fire hose, fire hose can not and sharp or corrosive object contact, fire hose in use, must clean up, for contaminated with oil pollution of the fire hose, we need to seriously clean, For the iced fire hose, we need to dissolve the fire hose and dry it. Fire hose in the process of maintenance, to have someone to manage, the fire water Belt carries on the classification, the fire Fighting water belt in the maintenance process, must have the person to carry on the management, carries on the classification to the fire-fighting water belt, according to the numbered catalogue, cannot borrow for no reason, stores the location to choose the indoor shade place, in order to prevent the fire water Fire-fighting water should be avoided and corrosive substances should be contacted.Fire Hose