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Material And Properties Of Fracturing Hose

Oct 12, 2020

The market high temperature air duct, high temperature exhaust pipe, ventilation duct The highest temperature tolerance? High temperature wind pipe as the name implies is to withstand high temperature, then the market high temperature resistance of the highest temperature of the wind? The market high temperature-resistant ventilation pipe can withstand a maximum of 900 degrees of high-temperature, short time can withstand 1100 degrees of high-temperature. It has good heat resistance, can be arbitrarily telescopic bending, transport convenient, save space, external through the spiral wire played to wear and tear protection, can be arbitrary on the ground drag without damaging the duct, external steel wire tightly clamped pipe wall, difficult knot, toughness.Fracturing Hose
900-degree high temperature wind pipe special structure and materials to ensure its high temperature resistance of the inner wall: three-storey structure, inner layer: Stainless steel wire fiber, middle tier: high temperature clamp fabric, outer layer: Coated with heat stabilizer clip fabric, stainless steel wire reinforced, external spiral: stainless steel, high temperature air duct connection: Hose hoop locking, Application: especially suitable for the requirements of flame-retardant ventilation and exhaust environment, such as solids such as dust and fiber suction, gaseous media such as steam and smoke; hair dryer exhaust emissions and welding gas emissions. High-temperature telescopic ventilation pipe is a to (multi-layer) special fiberglass, thermal insulation fiber with high temperature coating, and high strength fiber line, galvanized spiral metal clip on the upper and lower end of the material, the quality of super light, very strong, bending radius is about equal to the outside diameter, compression ratio of 1:5. The appearance is more beautiful, the surface metal circle can withstand arbitrary drag without affecting the wall. Ultra light quality, suitable for all kinds of ventilation and exhaust, especially suitable for the occasion of the need for flame-retardant hose; used for solids such as dust, powder and fiber, for gaseous media such as steam and smoke, for industrial dust and pumping stations, flue gas emissions, blast furnace exhaust gas emissions and welding gas emissions; High temperature induced air blower equipment, automotive exhaust detection, excellent performance by all walks of life choice.Fracturing Hose
Material: Tube wall material: internal and external stainless steel wire reinforced and special glass fiber coating, spiral wire: Stainless steel (VA). Because the material contains glass fiber, glass is not flammable objects, and also contains a high strength fiber line, and then the metal clip to the upper and lower end of the material. In addition to high temperature resistance, the performance is also extremely prominent, high temperature wind pipe itself is extremely light, bending is also very flexible, can be arbitrary bending compression, with good flexibility, wear resistance, pressure, acid and alkali-resistant, and fire-retardant quality performance. Temperature range: About Je-60 to Porter 600, short time is about Peri 00.Fracturing Hose