Material Properties Of PVC Layflat Hose

     PVC Plastic Profile formula is mainly composed of PVC resin and auxiliaries, in which the auxiliary function is divided into: Heat stabilizer, lubrication, agent, processing modifier, impact modifier, filler, anti-aging agent, coloring agent and so on. Before the design of PVC formulations, we should first understand the performance of PVC resin and various additives. PVC resin, the production of PVC plastic profiles resin is polyvinyl chloride resin (PVC), PVC is a polymer from vinyl chloride monomer polymerization, production after PE, second place.PVC Layflat Hose
     PVC resin is divided into two types: loose type (XS) and compact type (Ⅺ) because of the different dispersant in polymerization. The size of the loose type was 0. 1-0. 2mm, irregular surface, porous, cotton ball, easy to absorb plasticizer, compact size of 0. 1mm below, surface rules, solid, table tennis, not easy to absorb plasticizers, the current use of more loose type.PVC Layflat Hose
     PVC can be divided into ordinary grade (toxic PVC) and sanitary grade ' (non-toxic PVC). Hygienic Grade requirements Vinyl chloride (VC) content is lower than loxl0-6, can be used in food and medicine. The synthesis process is different, PVC can be divided into suspension PVC and emulsion method PVC. According to the national standard gb/t5761-93 "suspension method general-purpose polyvinyl chloride resin Test standard", the suspension method of PVC is divided into PVC-SGL to pvc-sg8jk kind of resin, in which the smaller the number, the greater the polymerization degree, the greater the molecular weight, the higher the intensity, but the more difficult the melting activity, the more difficult the and the emulsion method PVC paste mainly uses in the artificial leather, the wallpaper and the floor and the dipped plastic product and so on. Some PVC resin factory PVC resin by polymerization degree (polymerization degree is the number of chain nodes, polymerization degree multiplied by the molecular weight of the chain is the polymer molecular weight) classification.PVC Layflat Hose
    PVC is a kind of amorphous, polar polymer, softening temperature and melting temperature is higher, pure PVC generally must be 160-210~c when plastic processing, because of the polarity between macromolecules to make PVC display hard and brittle performance. Moreover, the PVC molecule contains chlorine group, when the temperature reaches 120~c, the pure PVC starts to appear off the HCL reaction, will cause the PVC thermal degradation. Therefore, in the processing of a variety of additives to be added to the PVC processing modification and impact modification, so that it can be processed into useful products.PVC Layflat Hose