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Metal Hoses, Ningbo City Chamber Of Commerce

Oct 18, 2020

At present, Ningbo has almost 1000 social organization. Among them, the society (membership) has more than 300 companies; privately-run non-enterprise unit (non-profit organization) more than more than 400; the Foundation more than more than 10. Overall, the increase in the social organization of Ningbo, and shown the trend of fast growth.

"In the past year, Ningbo withdrew more than more than 20 city-level social organization. "Talk about revocation reasons, Feng 彥, Chief of the Bureau of administrative examination and approval of such analysis in Ningbo said," those two years did not participate in the examination of social organization, complete zombie organization. After all, they do not know how to convergence with the Government programs, Government does not know how to service projects. "Von 彥 bin stressed that since its 1998 national administrative regulation on the registration of social organizations, found no illegal violations of social organization in Ningbo. Faced with a growing number of social organizations should be associated with the overall economic situation at the moment, most need to hold together for development of the industry, trade associations, associations and organizations came into being.

With the social organization of the yearly increments, corresponding pressure increase of the civil administration of civil organizations. "Now professionals lack of civil administration and social organization. "Feng Yanbin said, which is Ningbo civil administration is now facing the biggest challenges