Methods Of Using Fire Extinguishers In Common Fire Equipment

            Due to the limitations of the natural conditions in my province, there are only three portable fire extinguishers in my province: Portable dry powder fire extinguishers, portable carbon dioxide fire extinguishers and portable halogen-type fire extinguishers, of which halogen-type fire extinguishers are not advocated because of the impact on environmental protection. At present, in the hotel, hotels, theaters, hospitals, schools and other public gatherings are mostly ammonium phosphate powder fire extinguishers (commonly known as "ABC Dry Powder Fire extinguisher") and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, in refueling, filling stations and other places used is sodium bicarbonate dry powder fire extinguishers (commonly known as "BC Dry powder Fire extinguisher") and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers.Fire Equipment

           (a) The use of fire extinguishers, the use of these types of common fire extinguishers are basically the same, here only briefly introduced, the specific operation should be followed by the fire extinguisher paste instructions. 1. Remove the insurance pin. 2. Hand-held fire extinguisher rubber nozzle, to the root of the flame. 3. Press the upper handle of the extinguisher and spray the fire extinguishing agent. 4. When extinguishing fire, fire extinguishers should be kept upright and not suitable for horizontal or reverse use.Fire Equipment

           (ii), the identification of fire extinguisher signs, fire extinguisher nameplate is often affixed to the cylinder body or printed on the cylinder, and should be the following, in detail before use should read. 1 Extinguisher name, model and fire extinguishing type. 2. Fire extinguisher type and fire extinguishing level. To pay special attention to the type of fire fighting, the use of the code symbol is crossed by the red line. 3 Use temperature range of fire extinguishers. 4. Fire extinguisher Drive gas name and quantity. 5. Fire extinguisher production license number or recognition mark. 6. Production date, manufacturer name.Fire Equipment