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Packing Type Of Industrial Hose

Oct 01, 2020

With the improvement of people's standard of living and the enhancement of health care consciousness, the hygienic requirements of products are becoming more and more high. The inner and outer layers of aluminum-plastic composite hose are generally made of polyethylene with food grade, and the hygienic condition of the surface is strictly controlled in the process of processing.Industrial Hose

In particular, packaged soy sauce food, because of its easy fermentation, a large number of gases, there will be a great deal of internal pressure, it requires sterilization and aseptic filling.Industrial Hose

Aluminum-plastic composite hose packaging to have a good appearance, full appearance, while in the extrusion, feel should be more comfortable. Its material is sandwiched with a thicker foil, so as to ensure that it will not rebound after the squeeze, the air will not enter the hose. This is important because, for some content, oxygen in the air can shorten the shelf life or even deteriorate.Industrial Hose

Hose packaging content is mostly afraid of light, oxygen and moisture, internal ingredients are very volatile, external odor is very easy to absorb. This puts forward a high barrier requirement for packaging materials. In the aluminum-plastic composite hose, the thickness of aluminum foil is generally 25μm above, to ensure that its barrier performance of up to 100%. As the aluminum-plastic composite hose packaging in the use and storage process required its breakage rate is zero, therefore, the hose substrate itself must have a good tensile strength.Industrial Hose

Otherwise, when the package is extruded to a certain extent or because the contents produce a large amount of gas, it is possible to rupture and contaminate other commodities.Industrial Hose

The strength of the aluminum-plastic hose is also directly related to the welding strength of the hose. Aluminum-plastic composite hose inside the aluminum foil can not be extruded, it must first make a piece of wood, and then through the ultrasonic welding, like a seam steel pipe welding to make hose.Industrial Hose