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Performance Device For Fire Equipment

Oct 01, 2020

Pump piping installation should be located in the pump location to find citizen, solid after. The pump equipment shall not bear the weight of the pipe. Installation sequence for the reverse valve, the valve in turn and pump tight, and pump-connected with the pipe flange first valve flange tight, with the line to find straight to find, the size of the tube, with the pipe first spot welding in this flange, and then loosen off to remove the welding, cooling and then connect with the valve, the best welding and piping to the other flange.Fire Equipment

Fire pump pumps Automatic (pressure switch control) start-up process: In the fire pump control room of the distribution of fire pumps, the power switch operation handle is hit in the "on" position; when the fire hose network pressure is below 7. When 5kg/c㎡, the fire pump of the fire station will automatically start the water supply;Fire Equipment

When the 5kg/c㎡ is less than 5. Fire Pump Station Another fire pump to start the water supply, then two fire pumps work simultaneously, water Pump room Fire pump Manual Control operation steps: Select "Manual" on the "Automatic/manual" selector switch on the Fire Control Center Control Panel of the fire station, and the power switch operation handle is placed on the "on" of the fire pump in the fire pump station. In the fire control center of the Fire control Panel press the fire-fighting electric fire pump "Start" button to start the fire pump Station fire pumps; The fire-fighting Pump "stop" button at the fire control Center is pressed to stop the fire pump.Fire Equipment

The construction of temporary high-pressure fire-fighting water supply system should be equipped with fire-fighting water tank. This kind of building is 4, 5 layers of multi-storey buildings, and municipal pipe network pressure is generally 20 to 30 meters of water column, in order to meet the most adverse point of the need to enrich the fire hydrant, this type of building should also be set up firefighting pumps.Fire Equipment

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