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Precautions And Standards For Fire Equipment

Oct 12, 2020

Fire-fighting water supply equipment in the outdoor application is more popular, then as indoor fire work is necessary? There is no doubt that the indoor fire water supply equipment we can choose according to their specific circumstances. The selection of fire-fighting water supply equipment has a great impact on our life. Indoor fire-fighting water supply equipment should be based on water pumps and water tanks, this is the focus of the first consideration. When the buildings are not too high, the water pressure and water supply of the outdoor feed pipe network can meet the design water pressure and water quantity of the most disadvantageous fire supply equipment in the room, often adopt the indoor fire-fighting water supply equipment without pressurized pump and water tank. Indoor fire-fighting water supply equipment with water tank is in a town or residential area with a large change in hydraulic pressure outdoor pipe network can not guarantee the most adverse points in the indoor water pressure and water supply equipment, and when life, production of less water consumption, outdoor pipe network pressure is larger, to the high tank to fill the case, often using this tank equipped with indoor fire water supply equipment.Fire Equipment
The water tank shall be stored in 10min of fire protection. The height of the tank should meet the water pressure of fire extinguishing equipment of the most disadvantageous point in the room. The head of fire pump should meet the water pressure of fire extinguishing equipment of the most disadvantageous point in the room. If there is any operation do not understand, please consult US Zibo Fubon water supply Equipment Co., Ltd. professionals, it is recommended that you do not guide the operation of the case.Fire Equipment
Fire extinguishing gas top pressure equipment is suitable for water supply of fire control system, which can meet the water quantity of fire fighting, adopt independent gas storage system and sensitive liquid level display device, and effectively guarantee the operation of equipment. Its design description is as follows: 1, fire gas top pressure equipment design is according to national Ministry of Construction "Building design Fire Code" standard, Gb50016 and high-rise civil buildings design Fire Code standard, Gb50045 to meet the fire demand and design. 2, manufacturing quality and technical standards, according to the National Public security standards GA30.1-2002.30.3-2002 Standard implementation. And the stop pump to keep pressure and eliminate water hammer to improve performance and reliable energy saving, this institute has carried on the technological innovation, its key technology is the comprehensive innovation to the barometric tank, causes the air pressure in the pressure tank and the pump head automatic dynamic balance, the air volume can automatically control in the need to set parameters, no failure phenomenon. It ensures the instantaneous and effective expansion water volume of fire extinguishing at the initial stage, and improves the high efficiency of stopping pump to eliminate water hammer and pressure. Make the automatic and efficient and reliable energy saving and environmental protection equipment become a reality, to ensure that at any time the need for fire flow and water pressure. Automatic equipment work, no need to be on duty, can avoid long-term fire-free period, resulting in paralysis and delay the fire, equipment by the pipe network of automatic detection of pressure signals more reliable. When any water pump and control failure, the alarm immediately, so that the operator in urgent discharge repair. To make the fire prevention work to ensure that the fire does not occur. At the same time also avoided the routine practice of fire defects, such as when the fire occurred, such as fire Control Center issued signals and hydrant box signal, the water pump can start the pressurized water supply, and so the required amount of water and pressure to reach the scene of the fire, at least 2-5 minutes to fire, this method and equipment greatly delayed the initial fire time of the best, to the state and social property caused unnecessary losses. This shows that the design and selection of a more ideal fire water supply equipment is more important. 3, Product Design Application Description: Products can be widely used in fire sprinkler water supply, hydrant water supply and production of living water equipment. According to the demand of different water pressure, can be used alone can also be used, the design of the better plan should be fire sprinkler, hydrant and toilet toilet water use a set of equipment. The feature is to improve the utilization ratio of fire-fighting water supply equipment, reduce investment, because toilet toilets often have to use, so that the daily operation of equipment between the work. Can avoid equipment for a long time, because the water pump rust stuck start can not run failure. Water can also be used as fire fighting water for the city to save more water resources. 4, fire gas top pressure equipment can be widely used in various water supply automatic pressurization occasions and widely used.Fire Equipment.