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Reflective Fire Hose To Indicate Escape Routes

Oct 22, 2020

How to quickly identify escape routes in the smoky fire? 31st Beijing police held scientific and technological innovation "idea" on the exhibition, a reflective water with solved answers for this. This afternoon, Beijing police showed a group of police to the public to provide "ideas" conversion of police equipment and creative, to serve the people better police work in the future.

On weekdays, the rescue process, firefighters often smoke environmental and rescue night, when carried out in a confined space rescue, lack of vision and light not only delays the initial timing for operation, would impede the investigation of firefighters and evacuation routes. To this end, the Shijingshan fire brigade fighters Huang Zhichuan, through their inventions, comrades developed a collaboration with "3M reflective belt of water", so that ordinary water effectively becomes the scene of the "lifeline".

Firefighters told North Green newspaper reporter, by pasting on a fire hose 3M reflective, so as to further enhance the fire fighters and trapped people in evacuation, relief, chances of survival in the evacuation process. Underground structure in large space place the rescue scene, 3M water for the firefighters trapped form a path to the exit of "life" line of lighting, and "indicator".