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Safety And Firmness Of Rubber Rack Hose

Oct 01, 2020

The rubber hose shall have the strength sufficient to withstand the pressure of the gas, and shall carry out the pressure test, and the oxygen and acetylene pipes are not allowed to mix and substitute. (Oxygen hose test pressure is 1.96MPa, acetylene hose test pressure is 0.49MPa). The hose should have sufficient compressive strength and flame retardant properties.Rubber Rack Hose

Rubber hose joints and pipes should be to prevent leakage, before connecting hose should be blown clean, and to determine the tube without water, before allowing the use. It is forbidden to use oxygen to blow the blockage of the acetylene pipe. should be at any time to check and eliminate the welding torch leakage and blockage and other defects, to prevent the formation of oxygen in the hose, acetylene mixed gas.Rubber Rack Hose

Acetylene and oxygen hoses should be prevented from sticking grease or touching metal solution at work. It is forbidden to place acetylene and oxygen hoses on high temperature pipes, wires or hot bodies, and not to allow hoses and welding wires to be laid together or placed on a transport channel. Attention should be paid to the preservation, use and transportation of the hose to keep clean and undamaged. Should avoid the hose by sunlight, hot body baking, rain and snow leaching, to prevent acid, alkali, oil and organic solvents, such as contact with the hose. and heat source distance should not be less than 1m, storage temperature should be-15~40℃. Before use should blow the glue inside the tube wall talcum powder and sundries, prevent welding torch blockage.Rubber Rack Hose

In the gas welding (cutting) operation in order to ensure safety, with the oxygen table high-pressure end connected to the cylinder (oxygen pipeline) valve should be fully open, in order to large quantities of oxygen output, provide sufficient gas and stable pressure. To prevent the sudden drop in the use of pressure, the occurrence of tempering and pour into the oxygen hose to cause an explosion.Rubber Rack Hose

When inserting the tube tail part of the joint into the hose, grease the rubber tube and the tube tail, do not use the fire to bake. If unable to insert, can use hot water to heat the hose after inserting the joint.

Pre-use inspection: Before using the hose, please confirm the appearance of the hose has no abnormal trauma, hardening, softening, discoloration and so on.Rubber Rack Hose

Operators wear safety protective clothing, including gloves, rubber boots, and eye protectors, which are used primarily to protect the safety of operators. Check that the connectors on each tube are solid. When not in use, do not put the pipe in a pressure-resistant state. Close pressure can extend hose (silicone hose, Teflon hose, rubber hose, food grade hose, sanitary hose, thermoplastic rubber hose, sanitary plastic hose) service life.Rubber Rack Hose