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Service Life Of Fire Hose

Oct 02, 2020

Fire hose first to roll good, roll water belt, let two of the interface slightly dislocation, and then the water with folded, from the middle part of the beginning of the roll, the last water belt into a disk, the water belt of the two interface just above. With a hand stuck in the water belt, small arm force, to the front thrown 45 degrees, in addition to the thumb and forefinger, the rest of the finger natural release, water with the main body thrown, leaving only two of the interface. Put one of the interface on the ground (or in place in the hydrant plug, fire engine outlet, water separator mouth), pick up another interface quickly to the front to run, while running and take out the gun to connect.Fire Hose

The action essentials of the water-throwing belt are roughly the same. If you want to be accurate, straight and fast, you should train regularly and practice your arm. If the arm is not good enough, in the 2nd step, you can also yang at the same time, with the foot to kick the water with the main body, speed up the rolling water. Fire hose is used to transport high-pressure water or foam and other flame-retardant liquid hoses.Fire Hose

The traditional fire-fighting water belt is lined with rubber, and the outer surface is wrapped with flax braid. The advanced fire hose is made of polyurethane and other polymeric materials. There are metal joints at both ends of the fire hose, which can be connected to another water band to lengthen the distance or to connect the nozzle to increase the liquid injection pressure. So, what are the specifications of the fire hose? How long is the service life?Fire Hose Fire Hose service life, fire hose can use how many years, according to the relevant regulations of the state fire hose if used once must be replaced or go to the Fire Maintenance unit for maintenance, and at least once a year, because the fire hose in the use of the process need to withstand high pressure. If the time is too long will appear inside the wall adhesion and so on situation.Fire Hose

The rubber-plastic water belt and the lining glue belt maintain the way is different. Fire protection equipment refers to the building of automatic fire alarm system, fire door, fire shutter, indoor hydrant, outdoor hydrant, high water tanks, water pump connectors, alarms and other fixed facilities. Fire safety symbol refers to the fire-related text, patterns and so on. The whole society is required to cherish fire equipment, fire facilities and safety signs.Fire Hose