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Shenzhen Fluid Hose PVC Automatic Sharding With Project Successfully

Oct 20, 2020

Recently, the Shenzhen JI double automation technology co, winding cable machines Division Liaoning Xin plastic hose and joint development of automatic production line and automatic cutting slitting system, machine debugging on stage success.

With the implementation of Chinese manufacturing strategy 2025, intelligence equipment, intelligent production has become a leader in equipment, improve efficiency, reduce costs, develop into a flexible manufacturing system and product line, meet the requirements of modern machinery industry mechanized production.

This year, JI double continuous automatic production line of the company, on the main process analysis and design, combined with the company's production and Assembly challenges using advanced visual sensor technology and intelligent detection technology, enabling robots for loading and unloading of machines instead of manual knowledge system and loading and unloading, as one of the company's future product development for deep mining and technology to cultivate.

The project used Visual sensing of manipulator upper and lower material instead of artificial recognition artifacts and handling work, and in next, more will will whole automatically line and bet out machine for detection and the organic NC combined, through near 3 months of line Xia single action debugging, again Shang machine joint adjustable, and from products of automatically intelligent handling, and Visual recognition, and clip tight, and machine coherent production, process of debugging made has success.