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Specific Characteristics Of Industrial Hose

Oct 06, 2020

Hose can be installed horizontally, can also be installed vertically or obliquely to install, the most ideal state is vertical installation, and should be avoided in the vicinity of the wheel installed, if necessary, you can install the bezel. Generally, the metal hose can be divided into 3 kinds of lengths: The 1th is the compression length, that is, the length of the hose compression to the limit position; The 2nd type is the length of the installation, which is the length of the hose when the middle position of the maximum displacement is half; the 3rd is the length of the tensile elongation and the hose being stretched to the maximum limit.Industrial Hose

Hose should be installed in the middle position, that is, the so-called installation length. In this position, the hose under the axial load can have 2 moving direction, otherwise if only to 1 direction movement, will affect the strength of the metal hose, reduce service life.Industrial Hose

During the actual installation process, taking into account the use of a ruler to calculate the length of the hose to carry out the installation may affect production efficiency, some foreign manufacturers put the ruler directly on the hose, after the installation of the ruler to cut off the corrugated metal hose mainly by bellows, nets and joints three parts. Corrugated pipe is the main body of metal hose, which plays a flexible role, and the net sleeve plays a role of strengthening and shielding.Industrial Hose

Mesh Sets: The mesh is made of several strands of wire or a plurality of metal bands woven in a certain order, with the specified angle set in the outer surface of the metal corrugated pipe, which plays the role of strengthening and shielding. The network sleeve not only shares the axial and radial static load of the metal hose, but also ensures the safe and reliable operation of the metal hose under the condition of the fluid flowing along the flow of the pipeline, and also ensures that the corrugated part of the hose is not directly affected by the relative friction and impact. Industrial Hose

For different usage requirements, they are interconnected in a variety of ways: corrugated pipe, mesh sleeve and joint three parts are connected in the form of welding, called welding type, connected in the form of mechanical clamping, called mechanical clamping; Besides, there is also the combination of the above two methods, called Hybrid.Industrial Hose