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Structural Design Of Fire Equipment

Oct 04, 2020

Fire precautions should be taken in building design to prevent fire from occurring and to reduce the harm of fire to life and property. Building fire protection including fire prevention and fire before the measures of two aspects, the former mainly to determine the fire-resistant grade and the fire-resistant structure, the control of combustible quantity and the separation of easy to fire parts, etc. the latter mainly for the fire zoning, the installation of evacuation facilities and smoke, fire extinguishing equipment.Fire Equipment

Fire control pumps such as a class of fire-resistant grade of load-bearing walls, the column shall be a 3-hour unburned body (such as a wall of 180 mm thick or a 300x300-mm column made of bricks or concrete), and the beam shall be a 2-hour burner with a refractory limit of up to 30 mm thick. The design must ensure that the main structure of the fire-resistant stability, in order to win enough evacuation time, and the building after the fire easy to repair. partitions and ceilings should have the necessary fire resistance, interior decoration and furnishings should strive to use nonflammable or refractory materials, such as the use of fire-retardant ceiling materials and carpets, curtains, etc., to reduce fire and control the spread of fires.Fire Equipment Fire spacing and fire partition, fire spacing: In order to prevent the fire through the radiation heat and other ways spread, the building should maintain a certain distance between. The lower the fire-resistant grade of building, the more vulnerable to the spread of fires, the fire spacing should be increased. Secondary fire-resistant grade civil buildings shall not be less than 6 m, and they are 7 m and 9 metres apart from the fire resistance of the fire grade civil buildings.Fire Equipment

High-rise building because of the difficulty of evacuation, ladder car need a larger working radius, so the high-rise body with secondary fire-resistant grade of buildings should not be less than 13 meters, with fire-resistant grade building fire distance should not be less than 15 and 18 meters. Flammable more in the plant, fire spacing should be increased, such as secondary fire-resistant grade plant or between them and civil buildings between the fire distance must not be less than 10 meters,fire-resistant grade plant and other buildings fire distance should not be less than 12 and 14 meters. Plants or warehouses that produce or store inflammable and explosive materials shall be kept away from buildings Fire Equipment