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Sumitomo Tech India Industrial Hose Factory

Oct 24, 2020

Recently, the Tokai Imperial Hydraulics India (referred to as TIH) Company India neemrana factory held a groundbreaking ceremony. Sumitomo TIH is Polytechnic's industrial hose manufacturing and sales company.

Sumitomo Polytechnic in 2005 into India, it is set up the automotive hose products, shock-proof rubber products for automobile, industrial hose 3 companies.

TIH was founded in September 2011, is the high pressure pipe for construction machinery manufacturer, beginning in 2014 in India for production and sale in Bengaluru.

Period, this company accelerating in India State neemrana Lac Tan hose monomer factory project, and began mass production in August 2015. Therefore, its India factory became the first Japanese companies overseas full manufacturing stronghold, improvement India high pressure hose assembly product quality.

The opening ceremony, attended by Japan stationed in India Embassy, JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) and the India Government, involved nearly 70 people in attendance.

Matsui, President of the company's chief operating officer and said that as India's first high pressure hose products full manufacturing company, the company will provide customers with high quality products, for India's prosperity and make the best possible contribution to the development.