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Super High Pressure Hose Determines The Efficiency And The Quality Of Security Issues

Oct 19, 2020

Super high pressure hose determines the efficiency and the quality of security issues, if high-pressure hoses for poor quality, low life expectancy, we will work for a lot of trouble, so quality is a critical component of the high pressure hose, I think we all want to buy high quality high pressure hoses, so will need to master some buying tips

1. high pressure hose wire, wire layer can display average. Finger pinch wire layer adhesive layer and table links, links to good as well, link is not good for the meeting.

2. high pressure hose surface, can weight the same. If it is matted, fabric spreading can average, if it is smooth, it could smooth lubrication on the surface.

3. the custody section together. Exterior whether partial parts. Plastic pipe glue, glue can lubricate the inner wall. Pinch with your fingers, it tube can be flexible? Elastic States with high rubber content, low elasticity, States with low resin content.