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System Application Of Fire Hose

Oct 06, 2020

Design principles of automatic water supply facilities in building fire fighting system and problems encountered in daily inspection. When the construction unit is decorated, the ceiling is sealed with a transparent barrier, originally did not design the ceiling place to add the ceiling, to the automatic sprinkler system used for spraying water spray hose andsprinkler design and installation still use the original design, leading to the water can not be sprayed, the effect of the fire to have a serious impact;Fire Hose

In the interior of the building to decorate the coating when the wrong sprinkler system is also brushing or in order to own the interests of the sprinkler hanging ads, these will affect the nozzle response time, is the automatic sprinkler system can not reach the advance effect.Fire Hose

Construction in the construction of the indoor fire hydrant design, spacing and water column are in accordance with the strict national standards of the design, the supporting the rescue of self-help coils do not have mandatory provisions, which caused, in case of building fire, the general residents will not use a professional high-pressure fire water belt, Fire departments are using their own matching fire fighting facilities, the fire hose in the building will not be used, resulting in the building of a self-contained water belt to become a decoration, not reach its original design purposes.Fire Hose

Buildings in the construction for aesthetic and greening needs, the outdoor fire hydrant is considered concealed or modified, together with the interior of the hydrant is also modified, resulting in the management staff or residents in the event of the use of fires extremely inconvenient, these problems are caused by the fire spread of the culprit.Fire Hose