Test Method For Fire Hose

Fire hose is used to transport high-pressure water or foam and other flame-retardant liquid hoses. The traditional fire-fighting water belt is lined with rubber, and the outer surface is wrapped with flax braid. The advanced fire hose is made of polyurethane and other polymeric materials. There are metal joints at both ends of the fire hose, which can be connected to another water band to lengthen the distance or to connect the nozzle to increase the liquid injection pressure. Fire-fighting water belts are divided into two types: liner and unlined. There are lined fire hose including cotton, nylon liner adhesive tape, polyester potting tape, hemp plastic coating water belt. No liner water with cotton water belt, flax water belt, ramie water belt.Fire Hose Testing, the test should be on the specimen with a line or other appropriate method to prevent the 1 meter test length outside the water seepage into the sink, and the test length of the water seepage into the sink. In addition, the specimen must not be touched. After the water seepage volume is unloaded, the specimen is curved into an arc of 700 mm inside radius. A folded edge of the specimen shall be at the outer side of the arc. The specimen shall not rupture even if the pressure is raised evenly to the curved blasting pressure specified in table 4. The boost time is 30-60 seconds.Fire Hose

Inspection by the same species, the same diameter, 1000 meters long water band as a batch. From which 100 meters are arbitrarily extracted for appearance inspection. 3 samples were intercepted in the most economical way, and the length of the specimen should be in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 3.1.1. The inner diameter of a specimen shall conform to this standard; the arithmetic mean of unit length weight and seepage quantity of 3 specimens shall conform to this standard; A specimen shall be subjected to a blasting test of only one state, and conform to the provisions of this standard.Fire Hose

If any of the tests do not conform to this standard, the reinspection shall be permitted. The sample was also doubled in the most economical way during the retest. The results of the retest of the specimen shall conform to the provisions of this standard, otherwise the nonconforming product. When the water belt is being laid, it must avoid all kinds of sharp objects or corrosive objects such as oil, fire hose in the laying of the use of water belt hooks, generally we also love mat Sheung Shui Belt Bridge, especially in the road when the water is paved, in the water belt through the railway, must be laid under the railroad tracks, Prevent the car from crushing the water, causing the water supply to break.Fire Hose