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Use And Classification Of Industrial Hose

Oct 12, 2020

By purpose: According to the use of mainly divided into: threading hose, drainage hose, ventilation hose, shower hose, wiring harness. According to the material mainly divided into: Stainless steel hose, metal hose, corrugated hose, rubber hose, plastic hose.Industrial Hose
Hose is an important part in modern industry. Hose is mainly used as wire, cable, automatic instrumentation signal cable protection pipe and civil shower hose, specifications from 3mm to 150mm. Small caliber hose (inner diameter 3mm 25mm) is mainly used for the sensor line protection of precision optical ruler and industrial sensor line protection. Metal hose mainly refers to a spiral corrugated pipe, and the other is the annular bellows. Metal Hose Spiral Corrugated pipe is the corrugated spiral configuration of the tubular shell, in the adjacent two corrugated between a spiral rise angle, all the ripples can be connected through a spiral.
The annular corrugated pipe is a tubular shell with a closed ring, and the wave and the wave are connected by the ring ripple. The annular corrugated pipe is formed by the seamless pipe or the welded tube. The single tube length is usually shorter than that of spiral corrugated pipe, which is restricted by the processing mode. The advantages of annular bellows are good elasticity and small rigidity. Plastic hose is divided into two types, one is completely airtight, water dense, such as propellant conveying for launch vehicles, gas, water heaters; Another plastic hose is used for continuous winding, ordinary winding bellows used to protect the cable, such as magnetic card phone machine, machine tool, and the lamp bellows is in the production process in the wire. Shower Hose Shell Introduction: Outside diameter 14mm and 16mm 17mm bathroom hose shell manufactured by the German machine, the real double buckle, never take off. Shower hose with surface formation, clearance uniformity, feel smooth, natural expansion, strong structure, strong resistance to damage, resistance to more than 25Kg, tensile strength of more than 120Kg. The hose material is made of SUS304 stainless steel. The surface is treated with electrolysis and electroplating.Industrial Hose
Hose features: Double buckle stainless steel hose 1, pitch between the flexible. 2. Good scalability, no obstruction and stiffness. 3. Light weight and good caliber. 4, flexibility, repetitive bending, good flexibility. 5, corrosion-resistant, high temperature resistance. 6, anti-rodent bite, good wear resistance, to prevent internal wire wear. 7, bending resistance, tensile properties, strong resistance to lateral pressure. 8, soft and smooth, easy to thread installation positioning.Industrial Hose