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What Are The Common Indoor Fire Equipment

Oct 11, 2020

1. Automatic fire alarm system: Fire alarm system is generally composed of fire detectors, manual fire alarm buttons and fire alarm controller. Fire automatic alarm system generally has the area alarm, the centralized alarm and the control center alarm and so on three kinds of systems, in the high-rise building commonly used is the control center alarm system.Fire Equipment

2. Hydrant water supply system: for high-rise buildings, the system mainly refers to the indoor fire water supply system, that is, high-rise buildings set up within the fire water supply system. Generally speaking, the fire hydrant water supply system is composed of fire water source, fire pump unit, water supply pipe network, control device, hydrant, water pump combination.Fire Equipment

3. Fixed fire extinguishing system: The system of automatic sprinkler system, foam fire extinguishing system, halon fire extinguishing system, carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system. For high-rise buildings, automatic sprinkler system is the most widely used in all fixed fire extinguishing systems, and its common closed system is very common because of its high success rate.

4. Fire Fighting linkage system: in high-rise buildings, the system generally and fire alarm system composed of fire alarms and fire control linkage system. Generally speaking, the fire control linkage system includes two subsystems: Smoke prevention system, smoke exhaust system, fire shutter system, Fire door system, elevator landing system, emergency broadcast system, etc. The system is also linked and controlled by linkage modules and control devices such as cutting off non fire-fighting power, sound and light alarm, starting fire pump and spraying pump.Fire Equipment

5. Other fire fighting equipment and fire extinguishing equipment: the common equipment and the equipment has the generator group, the emergency illumination, the evacuation light, the portable fire extinguisher and so on.Fire Equipment