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Colorful 3/8'' PVC Water Hose

Colorful 3/8'' PVC Water Hose


Key Words: DJ, EPDM Lining, Polyester jacket  
Jacket: 100% Virgin Polyester Jacket, Double Jackets, Twill or Plain Weave high performance in abrasion-resistance  
Lining: EPDM rubber tube  
Color: White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Tan 





We continuously improve product design and technological processes of the EPDM Marine fire Hose, Oil S/D Rubber Hose, PU Lining large diameter Hose to reduce waste of resources and achieve sustainable development. We are committed to maintaining an industry leader position, implementing a positive branding strategy and full quality management. Since its establishment, our company has been pursuing the novelty and usability of products as the enterprise development goal and to establish the industry image. With strict production technology, perfect testing methods, and complete production facilities, we have a place in the fierce market competition and meet the continuous needs of customers.

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Key Words: DJ, EPDM Lining, Polyester jacket

Jacket: 100% Virgin Polyester Jacket, Double Jackets, Twill or Plain Weave high performance in abrasion-resistance

Lining: EPDM rubber tube

Color: White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Tan

Package: Rolled, packed in carton or loaded in pallet

Application: Industrial fire fighting, Fire hoses for brigate, Premium solution.

Approvals: UL19, ULC, FM, NFPA1961

Standard lenghth:15m (50ft), 20m (66ft), 25m (82ft), 30m (100ft),also can be customized according to requirements.

I. D.

Service Pressure

Minimum Burst Pressure





1 1/4”


300/21 400/28

900/63, 1200/84

1 1/2”


300/21 400/28 FM

900/63, 1200/84

1 3/4”


300/21 400/28 FM

900/63, 1200/84



300/21 400/28

900/63, 1200/84

2 1/2”


300/21 400/28 FM, UL

900/63, 1200/84

2 3/4”


300/21 400/28

900/63, 1200/84



300/21 400/28

900/63, 1200/84

As one of the professional epdm rubber hose manufacturers in China, ZYfire is also a leading supplier of various fire hoses. We are equipped with a productive factory, which is professional in manufacturing high quality and durable epdm rubber hose. Don't hesitate to buy our hoses or try our customized service.

We are willing to win more partners with high-quality performance of our Colorful 3/8'' PVC Water Hose and service quality, and take shaping, upgrading and consolidating brands for customers as our unremitting efforts. We establish an excellent corporate culture and hope that employees can work happily in a warm corporate environment. Employee loyalty is the organic unity of employee's behavior loyalty and attitude loyalty to the enterprise. Employee loyalty is helpful to the establishment of customer loyalty.
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